Estée Lauder Companies
Agency — Media.Monks
Role — Art Direction & Digital Production
Location — Shanghai,China

Create a flexible journey and one cohesive design system between interactive digital touchpoints spread across the new ELC Innovation Labs.

01. The welcome screen

The welcome screen will deliver a branded messaging and a welcome experience that can be personalized for invited guests and VIPs. With the ability to sync with the other digital media in the core, the lobby as a whole can create a branded immersive takeover. The screen can also be used as an event and town-hall display.

An immersive and always moving art piece that includes real details of blooming peony flowers to recreate a magical atmosphere showing the constant growth of nature.

02. Heritage, Vision & Brand

An interactive showcase in the lobby encouraging visitors to learn about ELC's heritage, mission and values, the brand portfolio and commitment in China.

The design builds a bridge with interesting interactions on totem between the Estēe Lauder Companies and visitors, encouraging users to know more about the ELC brand history and future vision.

03.  Augmented Lab

A publicly visible and accessible lab, designed to support events and other types of community engagements. It will therefore need to be customizable, brand-able and the space can furthermore be augmented with digital information.

The content manager is able to choose the layout that fits the event and the information best. Pick and choose.

04.  Media studio

A small production studio and stage, dedicated to capturing moments that can be shared on SNS, broadcasting (launch) events and trainings etc., to be used by leadership, staff, KOLs and visitors alike.

Media Studio Branded Templates

05.  Mobile App

Experience the convenience of digital interaction right in your pocket. Whether it's locating the elevator, reserving a room, or finding out more about Estee Lauder Companies, this app has you covered for all your in-building needs.

06. Digital Totems

Once a visitor touches the touch screen, the idle state will transform on the default screen: Floor Overview.