Nike. Jordan. Quai54
Agency — Media.Monks
Role — Art Direction
Location — Paris, France

On a mission to connect streetball cultures from around the world, Jordan Brand is translating Quai54 into a virtual event experience. Creating a global community around a mutual passion for the game. 

The layout

To bring alive the event design style in digital space, we wanted to focus on the elements of the logo itself; the squares, the lines and the minimal color palette of black, white and red. This makes the logo and the website as a connected family throughout the event.

The straight and brutal look of the QUAI54 logo was analyzed and converted into a grid design system that we use as a layout and starting point for the different pages.

The lines will bring back in the traditional african references to create a balance between craft and brutalism. 

When scrolling down, the line with the artists will scroll from left to right. And the second line will go the other way.

During the event

Mobile layouts for the “Tunnel Walk” section